Nov 3, 2009

what a big day ?

Tibe2 rasa mengantuk pulak bile na post new entry ni . fuck . im lack of sleeping . tp na tdo cane . kt bilik ika neh . >.<

Umm . today's df . it was sucks . i tell u it was sucks . really2 sucks . mule2 masuk , it was fine till that damn bloody lecturer said my drawings are bad and need to draw a really really detail drawing . fuck . u know that i spent for how many hours for just doing all my analytical drawing ? even kawan pun ckp my drawings are nice . kau ni byk songeh la mat . and yes , he really made me cried after i went out from the studio . nasib baik there were my friends whom always support me no matter what happen . chill nana chill .

Then went out with ummi , ika , ayep and umar . at first ika drove the car to master art then we decided to go out to alamanda . so on the way to alamanda , i drove the car . and there was an incident that really really make my mood's going down . dah down , pehtu down lagi . down syndrome betul la .

Tapi after that , chill lah sikit . then smpai alamanda , pegi jalan2 . but , yes . i am quite . really really quite . bkn quite mcm mmg ta ckp pape langsung , but ntah . they laugh , i laugh . they talk , i talk . but in all that thing , there's no sense for me to enjoy all the things . memang tade mood na buat apa pun . na mkn pun mmg tade selera but since i already bought the porridge , so i need to finish it instead of just waste it without no one help me to finish it . Even drive kete balik , still quite as before . tapi at least , i can coop up with my friends . tade la nmpk mcm strange sangat aku hari ni kan .

Yes , DF has made my day bad . i told faiz about this . i really really need someone to talk with . since i can't get through ekhfar's , so i told faiz . thanks god he is always there for me .

Umm . balik2 je , terus masuk toilet . bawah air hujan tu , i cried all alone . all alone . sumpah memang depressed , stress gila babi . although mine is not that bad to compare with qis has faced on , but still , the impact has made me down . 'ak ala chill la nana . kene konyok ketas je pun . bkn kene cmpak' . eh hello . kau tatao ape , kau jgn ckp byk . T___________________T

OHHHH . a big thanks to ummi , ika , qis , tira , and sume2 yg ade dgn aku time df td . (:

3 stalkers talk :-O:

ummi (: said...

chill syg chill . no biggies, we always there for youuu *hugss (:

Nanalicious said...

thanks ummi !
lebiu :)

aku epa said...

chill syg. epa pown ade jugak. wekkkk. XD