Dec 6, 2009

i know . (:

Today , i have so much fun as i went to the bonding camp , that was made by sekretariat rakan muda , at Bagan Lalang , Sepang , near Goldcoast , Sepang . haha .

24 people included me , we head on to the destination . The journey from MMU to the place was quite boring as everyone doesn't know each other YET . Reached at the place , it was an awesome place , with full of small stalls , that sell souvenirs , and the white-sandy-beach . gosh , i can't wait to swim in it . ;D

First , we had our breakfast . i do not eat , coz i do not feel to . i just drink . there's like something moving in my stomach . i know what is it . but i just keep quite .
Then , there goes the ice breaking session . we need to introduce ourself . and tell 3 interesting things about ourselves .
these are what i told them :
1) i LOVE to laugh
2) i LOVE graphic design
3) i forgot this one T_T

then there goes a game called BINGO game . eh before that , there's a game called poison ball . HAHA .
Qis got caught up . :P .
Okay . the BINGO game . we were supplied with a paper and a pencil . then we need to solve the question by finding the suitable person that suite the question . andddd there's one question stated there "love to wicked laugh" . HAHAHAHA . i told them before i LOVE to laugh right ? they stated my name ! hahahah :D
hahahah . and then , BEAR asked me to do some wicked laugh , but it ended up with , everyone laughs at me . LOL sweat T__T .

then everything goes well with the game . but one thing that i do not really like is , i am always the first victim to be kicked out in the game . sweattttttttt la sape yg pilih aku tuu . ngengggg aku bunuh korg pulak . muahahaha .

Then rehat , for half an hour , sebab tunggu makanan masak lembap sgt . hahahahh ;D
qis , aku and ibit pegi round2 dekat stall kecik2 tu . brg agak mahal jugak lol . haha aku beli something nice . weeee . qis pon sama . :D

Umm . okay . then pegi mkn . then , buat hape tah aku dah lupe . then time tu air surut . ta besttttttt gile . :(
aku nan qis pegi jalan kat tgh laut . hahaha . best wey air dah ar tade , pehtu byk ketam2 , siput2 , ikan mati T_T
then Bear and Mu'i pon join skali . hahah . kami pergi smpai kat tempat org pukat ikan kot .
mmg cetek lahhh wehhhh ;D

Umm . okay . then , balek . i mean balek kt darat la . then decided na balek sbb rata2 dorg sume tanak men game last . klo air pasang, men game pon best . haih . then amek gamba tu sume . then balek . weeee .
smpai MMU pukul 5 mcm tu kot T_T .

Hmm . actually time tgh seronok2 enjoy tu sume , i've felt something wrong with myself .
ntah la . that thing come again . bia lah . tayah tanye okay . :)

Umm . for that someone someone , i know i've change a lot , since that big day .
I KNOW . but , i just do not really understand myself though . Even u said i am diff now , yes i admit it .
I know . but trust me , the heart in my body , still the old NANA .
*im sorry .

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