Dec 25, 2009

u know what ? -.-

Today , no i mean yesterday . EH NO . okay . lets make it simple . i already sleep at qis's house for 2 nights includes tonight . -.-

YESTERDAY , went to bagan lalang , selangor , PANTAI BAGAN LALANG for exact , for sending Qis to attend the audition for the karaoke competition . And , before that , qis , apit and I went to Alamanda to fetch Umar to come along with us . But then he already bought the storm warrior movie ticket at 5.45 pm . So , we decided to gave Qis some rehearsal , some practise before she go for the audition . And she chose Balqis from CT , and Tiada Lagi from MS . ;)

We actually wanna take Epan to come along too , but seems he's stuck in traffic jam from Midvalley so we moved on first . Anddddd , the route . . we were actually lost because i am totally confused with the road . -.- sweat me .

But then we managed to get it right when we stopped by at the nearest petrol station . ;)
Anddd so here we are , pantai bagan lalang ;)
And qis managed to put herself into one of the finalist on 31st December 2009 soon . ;D

Then we went to fetch Apit back to his house in Taman Keramat . OH EM GEE , after we dropped by his house , we wanna go back to S.K but we couldn't manage it . WE WERE LOST once again . -.- F me .

Okay . okay . but then heyyy we managed to get back okay ! :D

Uh . MALAS la na taip panjang2 .
hehehhehhh . babai . merry christmas HOHOHO !

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