Jan 10, 2010

church ?

I had a weird dream today . I think it was my fault for sleeping at 5 and woke up at 8 . -.- what to do . tired . T_T

Let me flashback my dream .

*I was at some place for attending someone's wedding and it was for me . I am getting married to a guy that I knew who is HE but i can't really remember his face . And the place that holds our marriage is a CHURCH . i think so , because i don't see any Muslim's Kadi around me and i don't see any Holy Quran around me . what a sweat . -.-
And then after the marriage thing , i went to a room which was just behind the church ? -.-
And the room was actually my bedroom with that HUSBAND . The room was super awesome ! A great lighting and a great air-conditioner , I straight away jump up to the bed . Then there goes my HUSBAND came on me and we did that thing ?! what what what the fuck . -________________- U know what i meant .

Then my secondary school friends came . And they were Chern Yang , Samuel and one more person i forgot . -.-
Three of them , i don't really close with . Then they were trying to open the door and when the front door can't open , they went to the back door . omfg . -.- lmaoooo .

Okay . the scene after that was distracted by alarm phone . -.- It shows 1900hours . The time that i should have wake up but yet i continued sleeping . =.=
Then my dreams kept changing till i don't remember any slots of them . -.-

I am curious . It might be my fault . But i was too tired to continue doing my DF . so should i just stay awake rather than have a good sleeping for a good drawing ? -.-

Again , in a CHURCH . that's not a good thing . -____-

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