Apr 18, 2010

pelik tapi benar

It felt so ridiculous when actually all my friends were related to each other . NOT that family-relation-ship thing or what so ever , but , some of them know each other . pi mai pi mai tang tu gak . get it ?

I saw this one guy commented on my friend's status , and when i looked at his profile , he was ex SMKS4 BK .
i was like , that was intan's school . And that guy even know Hayda and Hayda's friend . -_-
And , that guy were also a friend of my friend's friend on the other side . -.- ponin palo den .
Whoa , complicated yet ridiculous yet funny yet amazing .

And actually there were some of Hayda's friend and my ex schoolmate studying in the same place of mine too . But they were in the IT faculty , and they KNOW EACH OTHER too ! haha . simply says , this world ain't small buddy . (:

*Oh ya , semalam ada lagi berita mengenai kehilangan seorang artis tanah air , vokalis kumpulan Spin , Achik , meninggal dunia dalam kemalangan jalan raya di Seremban .
Al-fatihah . :(


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