Jun 15, 2010

10 things .

Lists of what i have been doing since I left my blog for a few weeks without updating any posts . (:

1. I've entered beta level , as known as Degree , or Bachelor in Multimedia (Hons) Digital Media .
proudly saying that my friends and I were successfully entered beta level , which means life isn't getting easier but harder , yet need to work harder from now on .

2. There's an event on this Saturday 19th June but I don't think I can make it .
It's XPAXs' event , in OPERA , Sunway Pyramid . -.-' pfttt I can't go ! >.<

3. Roomates with Qistina Amira & Ummi Salwa , ground floor , right exactly beside the main door of our hostel (HB3) .
I love this room . Sejukk (: Nyaman but banyak nyamuk betina >.<

4. I went to MIRI ! my hometown . and i am soooo happy to be there , where I can see there's a lot of changes occured since I'm gone . i wish i could stay there again in the future . Unfortunately , i was sick on day 2/3 . temp. very high . and I can't go anywhere T_T . thank god there's my parents' adopted family were there to look after me while my family gone to shopping T___T
*been there for a week ONLY . :'(

5. My P license will be going to expired soon and i'll be going to be a REAL DRIVER on the ROAD soon .
Competent here i come ! *on July . can't wait !

6. Balqees already reached a month ! happy one month sayang (:
and Auntie Nana miss you so much ! pftt

7. MY SCHEDULE PACK ! VERY VERY pack . one whole week i got classes . NON-STOP .
and this will make me bang my head on the wall for each and every second time I think of classes . zzz -.-'

8. My ex suddenly called me back . People people that i've actually lost contact with them were contact-ing me back .
jgn kacauu lahh bencii -.-'

9. Nak bawak kete pegi kampus hari2 boleh ? since i've already got the car sticker . mueheheheeee :D

10. This is the last , but not least , I hope that I can move on with my own life , without depending much again on HIM , never look back , never hoping much on him anymore , and get myself another guy that can actually love me for what I am when i be with him , not for what I am because of him . I hope i can get him out from my head BUT I COULDN'T !!!! susah la mcm ni . although both of us never reached a year yet , but , tah la ..
susah la .
ya Tuhan , boleh tak bagi aku kekuatan untuk sekali je , sekaliiii je untuk terakhir kali , aku nak cakap kat dia ,
"i takkan berhenti mencintai u walaupun i dah berkawin dgn lelaki lain nanti .." boleh tak ? :(
ni la sebabnya aku susah nak couple lagi . ni la sebabnyaaaaaaaa huwarghhhhhhhhhh hjfnsenownetbikebtutuitjheuih

ok BYE .

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