Aug 20, 2010

Friday ?

Today was so excited going to French class - i already didn't attend french class for err 2 weeks ? not my fault not my fault . hahahahaaha .

Oh yaaa , lecturer french hensem . ha bagus la untuk sape2 yg nak cari laki org French . ahahahaha .
tapi err , pendek . tak jadi nak ngorat . hahaha abe ayie tetap di hati . kah3 .

Err . yesterday around 1am i slept and today , i slept at 1pm . terbaik kan ? bangun pulak pukul 4pm . YEAHHH .
3 jam je kan ? YEAHHHH . terbaik . takut sakit aku dtg balik je aa klo hari2 mcm ni . malam jadi siang , siang jadi malam . mesti best dok kt spital - rest in peace . huhuu .

Papa called just now and telling me that the twin's (adik) wife , has delivered a baby this morning around 10 am . (:
congratulations adik ! mesti best kann ? :D rinduu weyhhh nak dukung2 mcm kecik2 dlu . skrg masing2 dah besa . dah jadi mcm stranger dah kan ? ape2 pun , kau dgn abg kembar kau dgn seluruh adik beradik kau tetap cousin ku yg comel2 . heee (:

*can I turn back the time and be what i was supposed to be last time ?
i missed those days . being a queen is a wonderful thing .
i am not this vain before . i am not this innocent before . i am not this tame before .
i know it's not supposed for me to be , but , being like this now , has made me suffers - a lot .
i know i am not as good as those muslim ladies out there , but i know , i still have my pride to be proud on .
though i go to the place that Muslim's shouldn't be there , but i just wanna have some fun .
can i have the opportunity again ? :(
- gile . nonsense la .

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