Oct 17, 2008

Bitch .

Was juz looking around at some of my school's students profile on Fs .

Straight to their pictures .
Can concludes that , they act so cool n so noob . No offense at all . '

I was like , wtf . I act cute too but not that 'cute' thingy . You know what I mean .
Okayy , if u're really cute and act cute , that's no biggies at all . But u're not even cute at all , and try to act cool , so please listen to my words , Go to hell . No ones love u for being here . :P

What we called that ? Sor Po ? Lau Po ? Lau Kung ? Lau what again ? ? Kung what ? King kong is it ?
It's sucks . Those words sucks . That's word is only if u're married la dumb bitch !

Fuck . off . okay ?
Im juz saying straight from my heart and if u're not satisfied enough , please me to add some more . :) Anyone ?

Being well-known sometimes could be great but it's worthless .
There's no use to juz use ur face in attracting those guys out there and flirts with them.
Use ur mind , think .
U got brain don't u ?
Who wants u if u dont have manners , dont have an annalitical judgemental thinking ?

wtf . again .

This is for those Form 1's , Form 2's and Form 3's students in SMK BANDAR PUCHONG JAYA (B) .
U're still young okay . Act as normal . Act that u're still under age and need parental guidance . :P
U're in lower secondary too .
Don't try to be gangs .
Be real .
And of course , be proud . Im writing insolently proud on u . A big clap for urself , bitch . again . :D
Thankssss . Im hereby finishing my post with ,
A big thankful for those who kept reading my blog non-stop . I love u bebeh !

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