Feb 18, 2009

go get a life .

seriously , nowadays hidup aku dah mcm , ohhh happy dah . yew la , eventhou' aku mcm niii kan kan kan , tapi kawan2 aku sumenye berada ngn aku . i loveeee u guys a lotttt . mwahhhxx ! x))

to epa , thanks for being my good friend all this while . u're a good listener to me whenever im sad , or happy . u're always there for me and thanks to u sooo much . althou were just meet , and known each other , but u're my important person in my life right now . dunno how to say how much i love u . x) and yet , i still remember last night u called me . and we talked almost 2 hours using ur house phone to call my hp ! u know what , after the cases between me and him , i never laugh like i laugh last night . u cheer my life up ! thanks Ekhfar !

to asyraf , u kenal i dari faiz kn ? and thanks to faiz sbb kenalkan kite dlu . dlu i ngn u betol2 mcm anjing n kuceng . tk bole nk terserempak or terlanggar or ter'usha' . ade je yg tk kene kn . dlu i byk kutuk u , u pun byk kutuk i . tapi skrg ni kte best friend ! u slalu bwk i kua jalan2 . i suka lah sayang ! i igt lagi dulu time kite pegi TS same2 , igtkn nk pegi sunway tapi da terlajak pegi TS . waktu tu kite dua je mcm , beruk kt bandar sbb itu lah kali pertama kite pegi KL tanpa family kn ? muk ngn pie pun asyik sakat kite saja . ahaha . tapi jujurnya , i mmg syg kt u . u lah kawan i dunia akhirat . i syg u sgt2 . thanks Asyraf !

to fad , yeaa , we both known each other thru myrkn . and there's many miles and thorns that we need to get through in order to fulfilling our dream . i'd love u before and im still love u right now . u're my best friend ever in this whole wide world . u were there when i need someone's comfort . u were there to share my problems together with u . u were there to give me strength to face this world . thanks for being my shoulder , fad . and get well soon with ur lover , sis fairuz . x)) . thanks Fad !

hah ! sape nk aku puji die lagi ? angkat perut , cepat ! tawaran terhad . 3 minit saja . :D
thanks to those three guys in my life . x)

2 stalkers talk :-O:

Nad. said...

Nanananananana, i miss you. :D

Nanalicious said...

hihihii .
imissyoutooo . x)))