Mar 8, 2009

addicted to u baby .

it's been like i've updating blog always haven't i ? haha . god . i don't look like a sick people do i ? haha . well . i am super-hyper-active person u know so i couldn't bear to sit or sleep alwayssss on my bed 24hours . hell i won't be doing that . it just get me into such a boredom season . oh ya , my so-called guy friend approached me last night when i was doing my room-keeping . nahh , forget it . it's just make me felt unstabble and urgh . bia lahh . :)

sakit kaki la . :(( . sakitttt uh . sumone puhleaseee helpppp me . :'(((

2 stalkers talk :-O:

p a a n. said...

addicted to what??
urut lee kaki tuh

Nanalicious said...

addicted to this blog la . x)
huahaha .
addicted to mr paan pon oke juga . x))