Mar 9, 2009

klaka gile weh . x)

when the last post i put on this title "addicted to u baby" , everyone seems to ask me "addicted to who?" . haha . maybe the first thought of them is someone's special in my heart , or someone's that i adore much . but none of them are the exact states for the title . actually the title is re-connect to the post that i posted . what i mean is , im addicted to this blog as i always write on about something that was just happen in my life on this blog . get it ?

and actually , after my love-life broke , i don't have or none of my feelings wants an attention from guys . it tooks me around 1 or 2 years to recover back . can u believe it ? yah . because as usual , i will get into someone's life , be with him , tell him that i love him but i never meant it . because i still don't have the heart to him . he's just my spare partner that i need to comfort me when im sad . and i still can't find the right companion for myself u know . and i dont know why . :(

but , still . im trying hard to get my heart fall for them . seems like , i've been trying to push myself harder haven't i ?

well . im trying u know . but not for now for sure . as what epa told me so . my love-life is for me when i grew up . having my own house , own carsssssssss (fuiyoo) , own business to proud on , own assetsss lah .

okay people people . conclude me as u can . but u don't and won't even know who the real am i . :)

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