Mar 2, 2009

saya sahaja .

again and again , i got a lot of offers from colleagues in letting me in to their college and having their lovely programs that offered to me . but sorry , those programs doesn't suits me well . u know what , i loveee comp. science . or even civil engineering would suit me . do u have those twos' program that i prefer ? dont talk much . dont offer me with ur phone calls and whatsoever lah coz i won't be interested in it . :DD
and the last offer that i get was from saito college . and i dont even know how on earth they got my phone number and offer me their diploma program . fyi , i dont even know where the hell is saito college . :P seriously , aku tak penah dga la sayang . :)
and they asked me to attend their open day on this march 7 . haha . i wont be going lah . xP

ohkay . forget it .
mcm2 aa . mama suh aku masuk matric then trus msuk USM . ohmygod . mcm tade uni lain nk suh aku masukk . grrr . blah lu lah . xP

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