Mar 1, 2009


today , gosh . i didn't even sleep for the whole night last night . i slept at around 12 something and suddenly woke up like around 2something coz somebody has sent me a message . it's just a forward message . stupid betol lahh . then i couldn't bear to sleep so i tried to solve the message that someone just gave to me . and the result is , The Almighty's name . (: . wow , superb . x) . i took like around half an hour to solve just only one message .
okayy . then there goes the clock strike at 5.30 and my family woke up . all of them rushing to the bathroom while i was the only one who just sit on the bed and watch them rushing . it's funny u know . :D and then , there goes me again stay silently and alone in a big house while all of my family members were out . (working , studying) . and i've made my own a cup of milo , included iceee . :D . and i enjoys reading my WITCH comic (english version) . and then my mom came home . and we have a very nice breakfast . a loaf of bread and a cup of tea . just nice . while i gave my cat eat some fried chicken that we keep last night . (:
and then , oh yea . at the moment , i am messaging with asyraf . he's so damn cute when he's 3g-ing me . gosh i miss his face . c(:
and then i turn on the television . watch THE NANNY on HALLMARK CHANNEL . it was quite a funny dramas . and i enjoyed it with a cup of hot coffeeeee . :)

hahaha . adoi. mcm dah kt negeri org puteh lak . speaking lakkk . :P .
enjoy my posts readers . (:

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