Oct 18, 2009

mcm bangang >.<

Went out with parents and my lil sis , head to Kajang , uncle sabri's open house . reached there , there's a lot of people since uncle sabri made his open house really 'open' , combination of 3 houses consists of his 2 other bros's and him as they were just live as a neighbour . >.<

I ate just only a little because i was still full . but my eager to eat uncle sabri's roti john is rising up . :D
I eat quite a lot i guess . T___T then i drank a lot too . my lil sister (lis) keep torturing me to eat >.<

Then , sat there for 1 and a half hour , gerak na hantar aku balek MMU . before that , stopped at Bukit Suria , where all the big bungalows stood on . my parents plan to buy one lot house for their future >.< . i was amazed with the houses there . heheee . weee ~ tapi byk lot yg kosong la . ramai ta tinggal kt sane lg . tapi view cantik gile .

Ummm . then singgah umah atok . ayah kepada uncle anuar . :D
rumaaaaaaaaaaa besar . hahaahahahaa . bestttt . tapi dok bape org je .

Then , sampai MMU around 8 pm kot . HEEEE . my beloved rumate da ade kt bilik . weeee ~ :D

Okay .

*daniel , kau na sgt kan aku update ? Nah aku da update . bace la puas2 .
pasni aku update sebulan sekali je . >.<
Bye .

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