Oct 25, 2009

my last hope.

There's no more hope . NO MORE .
it's all about guys . there's no more hope on them . they come , they go , they come , they leave .

Daniel , i know , and we know , that u will never ever gonna change urself into the way we want u to . I accept u whatever u want to be , i accept the fact that u're not going to be some kind of person that i always think of .
And , im sorry for what i've did to u , now and forever . and if our friendship not last long , thanks , for being a good friend of mine , for a month . only for A MONTH . thanks a lot . u really makes me realise that this world isn't what we expected on . thanks for being my friend once again .

And , if really tonight , is the last day i chat with u , im sorry once again if i ever did or said something that hurt ur feelings . U have made my tears drop tonight . im sorry and good bye .

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