Oct 25, 2009

another one .

Chat with my ex just now . told him about my cat because he realised that i was not in a good mood just now .
He said , most probably the swallowed is because of a dog , a cat and a dog fight . I DONT KNOW . and he asked me to bring my cat to the vet as soon as possible . BUT , i have NO CAR with me right now . parents were out la . and i dont even know where can I find a vet in my area . and one more thing , i DONT KNOW where is my cat now .

FUCK . he's missing . somewhere around my housing area but i dont dare to go out at this time . :(
Hopefully he'll be okay . i love u sayang , i really really love u . :(

And , my mood goes down again , where suddenly faiz (the one who his dad's died) , called me twice and i didn't pick up the phone . YES , i purposely dont want to pick up the phone . because ? we had a small fight last night . it's personal . T_______T . and then , just now i sent him one message "what do u want ?" . then he replied , "i want to hear ur voice ." . Awww that touches me a lot ! but nahh , my ego's wont go down yet for now . perhaps later ?

Ohhhhhhhhhh ya , daniel has came back . hee . fuckkk , he didn't bring me along with him to PD too !! >.<
i want to see ekhfar ! :D ahahahahahaha . i missss him a lot . woi ada bwk balek souvenir utk aku ta ?
HAHAHAHA . he's annoying but actually he's fun to be with ! hahahaha . perasan ah tu perasan . blah aa .

Umm . that's all for now . will be update later . :)

2 stalkers talk :-O:

Daniel Macklene said...

Wahahaha... nak ikut PD, kenalah tido ngan aq.... wahahahaha

Nanalicious said...

tolong la . tamau !