Oct 9, 2009

no post , no new entry . and this is it .

Okay . someone has requested me to post a new entry in my blog . and here it is . wanna me talk about u ? haha . xD

I guess u wont be allowing me to talk bout u , unless it is about us ! haha . every night , yesss , seems every night we chats in ym , or the other alternative way , SKYPE (as i asked u to download it . bahaha) best pe kan kan kan .
we can share our thoughts , problems , even personal probs (if i dont mind and so do u) , and etcetras .
Well , i guess , he's , the first guy that i ever knew in MMU that can share my problems with . but not that much perhaps . maybe he's the first one lahh . (:

Dah aa . malas aku na ckp pasal kau . kang kembang lak badan kau , susah na turun2 berat bdn tu nnt . kata na diet en ? wakakaka .

Okay . just now , yes i mean JUST NOW , around 1.30 in the morning , faiz called me . at first mcm woi asal suara mcm kambing na terberak ? haha . then , baru dpt tau that his father is in coma . terjatuh (pengsan) masa na pegi toilet . but on that time i couldn't talk much with him as he need to rush to seremban ( fyi , he's in johor bahru for some project ) . then around 4 something like that he called me . dah selamat smpai seremban , dah selamat tgk ayah die , dah selamat sampai rumah .

Kesian pulak kan . so aku teman lah die . chit chat with him , bagi kata semangat kt dia , ape gune kawan kan kalau ta support menyupport antara satu sama lain . ceceh buat perkataan sendiri . :|

So , happy la sebab dapat chillkan dia sebab mmg dia sad sgt , rasa na nangis .
HAHA . kesian . hey honey , i'll be always be with u no matter what will happen okay .
I'll just be on ur side , I'll be helping u , supporting u , lending u my shoulder for u to cry on , i'll just be here , next to u okay . :)

Oh ya baru teringat . tadi that guyy , yg atasss tu , yg aku mentioned td tuuuuuuu .
bukan Faiz . my MMU's mate . haaa . tadi dia ckp aku ni
"U are not that type of girls who just go for any man." <---- fuiyooohhh bangga sey aku .
hahahaha first compliment from a friend . hahahahahaha . :D
thanks a lot daniel :))
Couldn't believe that , we are friends , that first , met when we went to daicon (cosplay thing la) , then fought just because of his laserrrrrrr mouth , then ended up , GOOD FRIENDS la weyy . hebat ta hebat ta ? hebat kan ?
tepuk tangan sikit . xD

okay i guess that's it . bye . ~

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