Oct 12, 2009

a new posttt yeayyy :D

Well today , had my first class on the second trimester in my foundation year . Went to english class at 10 am this morning and the students was like , woah so many . =.=' . muke2 lambat register ah ni . :D

Umm , our english , i mean for the whole foundation students , we have Ms. Azrena whom will be teaching us .
Then my friends were like saying that they wanted to change their class into Mdm. Rozita's class . So well this evening also there will be another english class and we decided to go to that class and see how and what will going to happen .

Then , we ahead to alamanda , had our breakfast there . 5 of us . me , tira , ika , ummi and qis . hangout there then went back to mmu . then we had our rest while waiting for qis to change her attire . then , oh ya . faiz messaged me . i am so so so so sad bile dye ckp dye tabole tahan air mata die dari mengalir bile die ikut serta dlm van jenazah pagi td . i wish i could be with him . lend my shoulder for him to cried on . oh my god . i wish ! i really need to see him !
ape punye kawan la aku ni . =.='

Umm . thenn , waaaaaaaaaa . actually evening's class is just as same as the morning class . which is the lecturer is the same person . bukan madam rozita . but ms azrena . :)

so kami pegi klass pagi lah :D ta jadi tuka .

Umm . ptg , lepak bilik ika kejap . then chat2 . then pegi gym tapi da tutup . then pegi swimming pool tp baju ta bawak then pegi trek . pergi jogging sanaaaa ~

malam balik bilik and then chatting with my beloved daniel idham . xPPP wek wek . then sedang blogging ini bende .
Ngeh . okay la . bye ~

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