Nov 29, 2009

janji melayu laaa woi .

Just now , when i woke up around 7 , my mom said , pack all your stuffs . you will be going back to your campus tonight . so , i straight went to take my bath and pack all my stuffs . and there are 3 bags waiting for me to go back to the campus . then , after i tidy up my room , all my things , i went out and put all my bags , stuffs beside the doorway . after that i have my dinner , alone because all of them were already had their dinner .

Then , my mom came down , and sit beside my DAD . they were discussing what-i-do-not-know , but i heard they will be going to give something to my eldest sis whom is in China right now . like i care . then suddenly my mom came to the kitchen , and tell me that i am not going back to the campus tonight . i was like , what-the-FUCK ?
then after blablabla , i told my mom that i want to drive to the campus , but she do not allowed me . lagi la aku pissed off kan ? mmg da na nangis dah aaa tadi .

Lps cuci tangan cuci pinggan tu sume , aku hentak kaki pegi kt depan kat area aku letak beg td then aku terus grabbed all my bags with full of anger , and i straight went to my room . and close the door as strong as it is .
BENCI la . aku da penat2 packing but then dorg ckp ta jadi . mmg ngamuk aku td .

HAIH . and to tell you one thing , dari dulu lagi aku ta suke kat bapak aku . seriously . i know this is wrong , but ntah . not because he is a MALAY , of course i can hang out with Malay people - no offense , but it is because of his attitude . i know this is not right to tell about my dad in the public , but what i have face is more than enough !

Even my mom hates my dad's attitude . So what's the problem ?

Being his daughter , is not a sin . i know . besides , he gave us all his wealthy , just because wanted us to be more grateful . YES i am grateful , but in a certain things . i am lack of his love . i do not know whether he loves me or not . ENTAHHHHHHHHHHHH la .
aku dengan die pun mcm dah org asing . slalu nye time balek , dlm kete mane de kitorg bebual same2 mcm ayah org lain .
aku buat hal aku , die drive hal die lah . kalau mak aku amek aku , ade la jugak aku meriah sikit . sbb aku lg rapat dgn mak aku . tapi ntah la .

what to do .

da nasib badan en .
tu la . do not judge a book by it's cover . walaupun jadi anak org kaya , tapi miskin kasih sayang buat apa .
Skrg , yg aku perlukan just kasih sayang dari kawan2 aku . yg tu pun da mencukupi .
Tapi klo korg na dump aku pun , terpulang lah . OK , bye .

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