Nov 28, 2009

untitled ?

"Trying to forget someone you love so much is like trying to remember someone you have never met."

YES . the quote is totally correct . indeed . i've felt the situation in my past life . it feels like we're trying to get to know , to remember someone that we have never met in real life , but he does exist in our fantasy . i guess u guys most probably have ever face this situation right ? :)

I did not do anything today . and uh , faiz called me yesterday . and we talked for about 30 minutes . YES , he swept my loneliness away . i am having fun when i talk with him , for a mean time . We talk a lot yesterday . And , some more , he promised me that he will be going to meet me , either next week or next two weeks . Can't wait to see him .

Nothing much to say . ahah . bosan sebenarnya . :P
Buh-bye ~

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