Nov 27, 2009

tears drop . (:

Uwaaa . after i logged into my blog dashboard , i saw pak aznil's post about his holiday to Australia .

Congrats to him coz his daughter will be entering University of Queensland in Australia . (: Ahaha , gosh i miss Australia damn much . nevermind , i'll be there one day . wait for me , ashley ! (:

Ahaa , seems like im getting better now and then . so i guess , i'll just need to get my life out from this damn bloody smelly room . i want to go back to my sweet little cute room . :P dahh ar sejuk , haih . bosan plak tu . T__T

Epa , helpppp me get me out from this boredom . :(

Oh aha , well . now it's already eid adha , so , still not too late for me to wish y'all Happy Eid Adha to all muslim in the world and oh not to forgotten , Happy Thanksgiving to all Christians in the world too . :)

Umm . since the year 2010 (oh the number is nice now i just realised) will be approaching soon , i guess i need some changes that could be made on me , as i already had someone's ****** . Uh-oh .

Ahaa , yes yes yes esok balek ruma ! :D
wee . just got a news from that bloody doctor . :P
thanks btw . bye !

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