Dec 20, 2009

i LOVE you sayang (:

It has been a month i guess , i have never seen my dearest cat , Amboi . i wonder where he is now .

My dad told me once that if cat want to die , they will go far away from their owner (us) . Is that so ?
I miss him . :(
I miss to kiss him . woi rindu la woi ! haih .

Planned with Irfan to do Ghost Hunt tonight but it doesn't work out as every each one of us did not come back to MMU yet , including me . -.- what a sweat . Hopefully tomorrow's better for us !

Suddenly thinks of going shopping with my friends . hee .
I don't know why . Maybe my desire into shirts has now rising up . -.- DEAD ME .

Nothing much to say . how i wish trimester 2 ends itself now !

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