Dec 9, 2009

tears drop on my cheeks . :'(

I just came in my room . my mom is at the kitchen with my second sister along . they were like talking while cooking . Cool huh ? I know . but that's not the thing . It's the thing that , my mom is going to be admit at the hospital this Monday . i was so fucking shocked when i heard she said it to me . But , i just act cool . it's hard for me to take it .

I was just about to tell some stories to my mom within my 2 weeks in MMU but i just can't do it when she said she's going to be admit . oh my . my tears were about to come out but i manage to stop it .

What am i going to do if my mom .. no i cannot say like that . thanks to God when she actually have the something-i-do-not-know-what-is-it in her stomach on the first stage .
At first , i was like oh okay . but then when she said , if she's gone , blablabla , and if my dad's gone too , blablabla , i was started to have a tear in my eyes . and she told me and my sister "dad have said , if he died , he want us to buried him HERE . not in Klang , his hometown . But here" . Am i going to lose someone that i loves for almost 18 years soon ?

i can't accept this fact . I can't . I just can hope that you will be going to survive in your operation .
I really hope u can do . I love u mummy . I want u , i want papa , i want all of us gather together .
I want to have your love till i die one day . I want u and papa to see me graduate with flying colors . :(

And Lyn , please . do not hurts mom feelings anymore . Anies too .

*crying mode . :'(

3 stalkers talk :-O:

Raja Zakiyy said...

aw nana, just pray to god k. and everything will be just fine. have faith

Daniel Macklene said...

Hye, be strong ya... does not matter friends or foes, I know ur feeling... do think positive..

Nanalicious said...

zakiyy : i dont know . everytime i look at my mom , my tears came down . cant barely stand anymore . :'(

daniel : LOL thanks .