Dec 10, 2009

before the dawn .

Yesterday , i was in the dining hall , eating with my family , and was sitting beside my mom . they were all look so happy , cheerful . but me ? i couldn't say anything . my tears almost fall down every time i look at the foods . :'(

Then today , went out early . around 8.30 am , together with my sister along , follow my mom go shop some groceries . She bought so many food supply for us . And whatever I want , she bought it . :'( .
Then straight went to Auntie Jun's house . Auntie Annie was there too . They came for holiday . When my mom started to tell them that she's going to be admitted soon , i can't stand to look at her . and finally , her tears drop down . she was crying when she told them . I was sitting at the corner of the house , looking outside while shed off my tears . And thanks God , Ustaz Amin , Auntie Annie's husband , willingly to help to do some Solat Hajat , for her to survive . I was thinking to do that too , but i need an accurate time . Oh , now i know . she got that something called TUMOR in her ovary . :'((( and that was detected 2 months ago ! Hmm .

Okay i should say less . I'll be updating it soon . Bye .

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