Jan 14, 2010

poopsie . :)

To tell the truth , sometimes , a day with a family is currently even better than a day with friends .

I am actually have lost my confidence in rely much on my friends .
Sometimes , they are not what we expected to be , where we can hope on to solve our problems but yet they are not .
Sometimes , they hit me from behind . I am being blind-folded by them . get what i mean ?

Sorry to say but i don't really believes on the 'best friend forever' words . It doesn't get into my nerve though .
Although i have a few of people around me that always by my side , but they are not what i am expected to be .

And to tell the truth , i get more friends from the opposite sex rather than the same gender .
meaning , guys are more than girls .
Even in my friend list in myrakan , i denied all those girls who wanted to add me as their friend .
But some are acceptable . (:
Why ?
Because , girls are always envy each other . And i really hate that feelings .
And they like to gossip each other ! F you . Talk bad behind me , i'll do the same thing to you . Even worser than you did to me . get that .

HAHA . sebab tu aku ramai kawan laki . LELAKI ni lagi best , sporting kawan dgn dorg rather than girls .
Bukan mau ckp ape la kan . tapi dah kenyataan .
sape2 terasa , memang patut pun lah kau terasa . kau na ckp blkg aku ? GO AHEAD . bukan hak aku na halang kau dari ckp blkg pasal aku . but remember , what u give , u get back . (:

Thank YOU for reading this POST .

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