Jan 28, 2010

yes , go nana go !

Weh . aku ulang balek ape aku ckp tadi ye .

"kesah plak aku klo kau kene main dgn ppuan en" .

*klo kau baca blog ni skrg , gud gud lah untuk kau ye . blah la budak hingusan . :P

YES . i was on a fight with my ex . which one ? no need to know .
but for sure , i know , he know , that we both were fighting each other in the IM in mySpace .

Who started it first ? think back .
It's not that i dumped u , but u dumped me first . As what u said just now , u had another couple when u're with me .
Go ahead . U played me , u being played too player . :P

What goes around , comes around . what u gives , u get back . THINK again and again till u DIE . understood enough ? :)

YES , i was in love with you last time . I WAS .
And i accepted u back after we broke up for so many times .
But yet , patience have limits . U dumped me for so many times yet i still have a heart on you .
People said im stupid coz i am still with u , having a heart on you , loving you , care of you .
But i still don't care what people said about us .

I've been through a lot of obstacles yet challenges when im with you .
I know . You know . We know .
But yes , people do said once , love is blind .

And now .
Im no longer yours neither do u .
You're free with the other girls whoever u like .
Alah , dulu time kau kapel dgn aku pun kau da de ppuan lain kan ? kesahh .
Tapi ingat la satu benda ni .
Ape yg kau buat dulu kat aku , kau akan terkena balik dan time tu la kau akan menyesal sampai kau mati .
*My words are strong enough to curse you my dear . U're messing with a wrong person sayang . :)

Jangan smpai aku cakap kau takkan bahagia dgn pasangan kau sampai mati sudahhh .

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