Jan 28, 2010

because of a call .

Just because of a call , the situation changes everything .

Why am I saying like that ? Simple .
Late night , around 12 something , Hairi called me . he's a friend to my ex that i've fought with this evening .
And at first , i was like 'what do you want ?' and 'what's up with the late call ?' .
Then we chat for a while and i told him that i have a fight with my ex (his friend) this evening .
And he was kinda shock . So he asked me what happened and i told him everything .

Afterwards , we chat and chat and chat .
Then suddenly he told me , there was once my ex left his pendrive in the cyber cafe and just left like that .
He forgot to take back his pendrive along with him .
And then Hairi took his pendrive and open it without my ex's permission .
What he saw was first , censored things , second , full of girls pictures .
And what surprised me is there's none of my pictures in his pendrive . By that time , i was totally heart broken .
Not because he did not keep my picture but of the waste of my time to transfer to him few of my pictures and they were totally gone ! UNNOTICEABLE . :'(

I don't trust Hairi but this time , i don't know why am I trusting his words .
Nahh . I don't care about him anymore . let bygone be bygone . I should have continue again my life without him .

Btw , my ex suddenly message me after we have a big fight this evening .
He ask for forgiveness . And his reason is , he was unstable yet tension when we fought this evening . -.-
LAME . Do u know u're full with tricky answers ?
But then i still replied his message . Then there's once i didn't reply his , and he called me !
HAHA . if you think that by calling me and ask for forgiveness can make my heart melt , no u're totally wrong .
Even if i already forgives you , don't think that u can have my heart again . :)

Ntah laaa . benci la perasaan ni . :(
Pegi je la dgn perempuan2 kau tu . i dont need you anymore . :'(


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