Feb 8, 2010

Haih .

Haih .

Not in mood actually . Still sad because of yesterday's incident . But anyway anyhow , life's must be go through with a strong heart , strong Principe , physically and mentally strong . :)
Currently , today , the whole day , well not actually the whole day , but a half day , messaging with kak Eikin . (:
She's very nice ya know . How i wish i could be like her . She looks weak but in her heart , she's stronger than mine .
Absolutely salute her . :)

Okay . just now , Khairi called me . talk for a few hours . And now i know why does he moody with me when we were ym-ing just now . He thought that i'm with Anep . HAHAHAHAHAHA .
Who said ? Easy , my ex showed him my blog . YES , this blog . He showed Khairi what did i wrote yesterday and Anep's name stated there accidentally . So , he concluded that i am in loveeee with Anep but actually i don't .

So , i can make a conclusion that , my ex (Khairi's friend) was following my blog for a very long time but he made himself anonymously . Just to make sure that i don't know that he keep updating with my blog though .
You're not that smart my little boy . (: I did say , what goes around comes around . right ?

Hahahahaha . :)
Oh ya , this Chinese New Year , i'll be celebrating it in PENANG . aww awww . :D
Can't wait to have new clothes and a bunch of cashhhhhh ! HAHA .
but still , sad because the only Aunt that i have from my mom side , has passed away and couldn't celebrate the big day with us . :'(
I miss you auntie . :(
Rest In Peace , Auntie Lee Siew Chu .


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