Feb 2, 2010

weeaauuu .

My first task for this week , of course it was from Design Fundamental 3 .

What surprises us was Che Mat is no longer teaching us in this semester . -_-
*dalam hati suka :P

Okay . the task is based on light concept by using waste materials . get what i mean ? We're conducting an environmental friendly products . Haha . and it based on light ya know . and we need to choose , to make a standing lamp , table lamp or hanging lamp . and i chose standing light . *because i think i already got that idea .

Can i ask u something ?
why is everyone's changing lately ? i don't know why , but it seems it's getting worse day by day .
well of course everyone's that surrounds me . but the obvious one , is from my imesh friends .
everyone is making a barrier among themselves . mule2 mior , then , azri , then who's next ? dice ? but right now , im is still with me . hopefully he's not changing too . *cross finger .

*and suddenly i miss my mom . :'(
i miss to make her laugh at me again . i know this kind of silly , but ntah la . sometimes she loves to hurt me , but anyhow i still loves her no matter what . :')

I hate this feeling you know ?
gahhhhh .
*should end this .


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