Feb 2, 2010

wowowowowww !

An unexpected thing happened last night .

I slept at 3 something i guess -.- , and woke up at around 4.18 am because of some major distracting moment by him .
YES , it was from him . the vibrating alert disturb my dreaming land .
I was just about to pick up the phone then he already hung it up . *sweat.

Then i sent him a message asking why , he did call me again but just a lil while because my phone was out of battery .
*memang dah low dah . tunggu masa na mati je . HAHA .

So , i just let it be and continue my sleep .
Haha . And when i woke up this morning , i quickly charge my phone , and found out there's 4 misscalls from him .
haha . and one message from him too . i replied it late . and now still waiting for his reply . (as if he would reply back to me ya know)

Okay . today , was a fine day i guess . class dismissed earlier because we still don't have any books to study for Media Mathematics 2 . -_- . Madam did say that we will be going to study PROBABILITY and one more , i forgot -.-
*argh i hate probability okay . Even in my Add Maths class when i was in form 5 , i am too slow to catch the flow . :(

Went to Career Fair today with bunch of my friends .
Nothing interesting -_- *because the fair is actually for those who majoring in IT and Engineering . (:
There's a game booth too , meaning for those who interested to become a gaming designer , or so so .
*Eman boleh la tgk booth ni en . Aku taleh . wahaha . :P

*woopss , tertinggal bloggie ini sampai 30 minit . -_-
haha .

oke .

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