May 23, 2010

i used to ..

I used to be a very bad , bad girl .

I used to do many kind of sins that people won't believe a young girl like me would be doing those sins .
I used , really used to play with guys heart , mostly yes , they broken hearted . :)

I used to talk bad things that happen surrounds me .
I used to talk bad to others .
I used to say those bad muthafucking words to BITCHES .

I used to wanted to try cigarettes that in the end , i don't dare .
I used to hang out late night with my friends .
I used to drag on the road .

I used to drive car fast fast and fast till everyone looking at me ! :D
I used to play with fire .
I used to talk bad behind my parents .

I used to caught in fight with people .
I used to almost being caught with a police .
I used to drag my enemies just to avoid being caught .

I used to against my teachers in school , MOSTLY .
I used to talk bad about teachers .
I used to be called "tame tiger" . *only them who knew me well would call me with that name .

But now , i used to be a good , tame , petite girl , which I had to ,
people's change , why don't I ? Though i'm change , that doesn't mean you can hit me from my back .
I am still a little tame tiger , where i could be fierce at the same time . (:

0 stalkers talk :-O: