Jun 26, 2010


Boredom strikes after i came home make me feel wanna puke -.-

Just sign in my blog when my eyes suddenly saw this two entries by someone whom I knew very much .
Oh so u got ur new life don't u ? Thanks God u're way to far from me now , and hey , I kept my promises .
What I said before , is what u will get in the future .
U've made me hate you for what you have did to me , so , I did curse you . yes I did .
I cursed the whole life of yours , and feel it , LOVE it please thank you . (:

Forget about HIM .
let's talk about something else .

Went to this Hypnosis Course with my dad of course .
Way too bored . Stated there start at 8 but eventually starts at 8.30 . And my butt resting on the chair peacefully . F !
First 5 hours maybe , from 8.30 to 1.30 , I am getting bored as my dad wished to sit on the front row , not exactly front but yeahh can be considered .
I sat with the bunch of WOMEN whom they are way too OLD for my age . duhhh -.-'

Then the next 2 hours after rest for 2 jam kot , there's demo time .
He (the moderator) picked 7 people to get hypnotised by him . Hahaha the funny part is when they need to act like a driver and went to Sepang Circuit to race with anonymous . HAHAHA .

Oh ya . forget about those things up there .
Today's my mom's birthday and my dad and I planned to celebrate her tomorrow , the same day where Kenduri Kesyukuran will be held at my house after Isya' .
Might be Asyraf will be coming to my house tomorrow -.-' sebab mummy pegi ajak bapak dia whatthefuck o_O

What else ? Dah ler mata aku dah kuyu dah tadi dah kene hypnotis kejap oleh Mr. H****niry (:

okthxbye !

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