Jun 28, 2010

penat . pancit . penat

Wonder if he still reads my blog ? *curious

Was actually having some kenduri kesyukuran , no , kenduri doa selamat , okay whatever the name is ,
there's actually good thing and at the same time bad thing happened . Well just let it be our family secret . (:

Strangest thing happened last night and couldn't stop bragging in my head like there's no other time to be brag of .
wtf betul .
But actually the night goes well . But there's some BITCH yang mcm tak reti nak hormat tuan rumah , nahh get over it .
Might be they have some 'culture shock' situation where actually my house went wider :P and erm , bigger ! HAHA , and i can jump to anywhere without knocking to any chairs or tables or even WALL . -.-'

Okay stop .
Today wasn't a good start for a day so let's just remain it in our mind (:
Then straight went to MPH for club reg week . basically i am handling rmec booth so was like kinda hard to actually tell them what's the benefit to be in military club . well , u know . people , bila dga askar je , mule la pikir mcm kena training teruk2 sgala bagai . haih melayu melayu .

Then after handling the booth , re-setup , and then went to this dragon boat training .
I did thought what will happened and it happens ! -.-'
Need to jog all the way of the bridge with full of crowds looking at you is the embarrassing moment for us -.-'
And yes , i managed to finish the jog although it's very hard for me to RUN . yes RUN baby RUN !
Then start warming up and yes

I got my pedal on and yes i am ready to go . hahahahahaha .
And it was fun though . yes it was fun . and being coached by Paan and Ongah made me feel soooo energetic .
hahaha and being praised for being such a strong girl could make me proud for beginners like me :)
And the result , badan2 aku sakit2 weh mcm org baru lepas beranak kembar 4 -.-'

kthxbye ! :D

*tgh sedap mengutuk hayda ni :P kikikiki

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