Jul 9, 2010

best (:

Yesterday night was superb ! Hectic yet funtastical :D

Though there are some unusual things happened , but in the end , I enjoyed it . well , do you ? (:
Started with introducing self , then activities for the alphas' and then seniors get crazy - threw flour to everyone - including ME . zzz . habis tudung aku .
Thennn , have our dinner - BBQ (: super yummy !
Right after that , nothing to do , saw the guys playing football so I joined them . And hell yeah , enjoyed much !
Then , played guitar with the guys & they were actually have made my day ! (:
Had cupcakes right after the blendatron end , at the tenis court kot .
Camwhoring then back to room .

Okay. Just now , had a conversation with mom . Told her my batt's damaged . And I don't have any ACTIVE mobile phone with me now . Wanted dad's iphone but couldn't speak out yet dunno why so shy :P

But if I could , can I get a new handphone perhaps ? :D
Heee .

If i have a wish , can I have you for real ?
please please please :(

0 stalkers talk :-O: