Jul 7, 2010

a week !

Waaaaa .

Okay . well , just to advice , don't do your work last minute . HAHAHAHAA .
*ah biaq p la . da aku ske . wakakaka .

Done for my website assignment , but unfortunately hearing rumors from my classmates - under Mdm Ling's class ,
we need to re-submit . We need to reconstruct it back . Was like wtf . Well , it's okay coz on the submission day as well I didn't turn up in class . So , at least I still have the chance to edit back my website . Will do . :)
*semangat nih ! waka waka :P

Welllll , I really need a new phone battery . indeed . My SEs' battery damaged . Kembung dan berketul2 .
kah3 . mr. muscle much ? :D
Well , maybe for temporary , I will try to ask for my dad's Iphone - FOR A WHILE only laaaaaaaaa till I buy the new battery for my babyyy (:
*nak tuka fon truih la bole dak ? :P

Lupa aih , tadi ada presentation for Media Art Design Class .
Nervous sebab I am the 7th and yet my artwork still with Qis . thank God she appeared right before my name being called . fuhhh -.-' Jantung benti kejap di situ .
So , was kinda nervous . Presented well . nasib baik . fuhhh ~
And being asked question by Mr Arif Haziq which I don't consider make sense but nevermind , at least he helped me to get more marks ! :D thankyou lah wey ayep wehhhhh
*kena re-submit esok pukui 2 ptg sharp kat bilik Mdm Forest . zzzz -.-'

Okay , maybe saya tidak akan terus bergiat dalam sukan Dragon Boat .
Bukan tamau , mauu sgt aih . tapi semangat itu kurang dah . tah ar .
Penat kot . Nak2 plak aku jenis stamina kurang taleh nak naik2 walaupun tgn aku power bak kata Paan . zzz
Sorry . :'(

And last but not least , bapak rindu sial kat mamat tu .
ahh mamat tu laa . wey mamat mana lagi . hat tu laa ehlaaa .
ishhh .


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