Aug 13, 2010

back to home

Yooo wassap2 people . party yaw . hahaha . sahur hoi pejadah nak party2 ! -.-'

Thank God my parents understand my situation and they did not ask much about my FAILED PTPTN . hee .
And , ohmygoshhh okay , I drove naza for the first time and yes i am so excited . Ada hikmah rupanya atas apa yg berlaku semua ini . (: Thanks dad for giving me thattt opportunity and i swearrrr i'll be going to drive naza again if i don't have any car with me ! :D

While on the way back home with my dad , i was having a conversation with him and we talked about me and my friends' business in MMU then he was like , yeahh COOL okay . COOL . that's way too cool . HAHAHA .

Thennn , reached home and of course the first thing imma gonna look is at my niece ! :P
She's just reached 3 months on the 11th . (: happy monthsary babyyy :P she's huge okay . pipi cukup tembam untuk saya memicit micit , mencium cium , menggomol gomol , memijak mijak . okay stop nonsense .

And ya know , as well , i will tell my mom about my whole activities in the campus and yes , she willingly to support us heheee :D
YEAY MUM . love ya . she will be giving us a huge pan for Qis to cook her porridge . :D
and the question is , how am i gonna take that to my hostel since , err , that pan is huge ? and , couldn't effort to fit in my tesco bag ? err . T_T

will be backkkkk on i-don't-know-when . :D

*sorry for the very the smallllll font . i accidently clicked on the EDIT HTML and when i came back to COMPOSE ,
it became HUGE and i resize it , but couldn't find my usual font . so i used the smallest font . hihihiiii . :D

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