Jul 22, 2011

cool and mild

Me is here . Laying down on the mattress , waiting time to have my eyelid stick together , in the cool mild condition of the bedroom , looking everyone's sleeping still like there's no sun tomorrow , thinking ..

Was i the thoughtful young lady whom always giving sides to everyone that she likes nor don't . Was i the stolid little girl who always keep calm and stay still which the teachers always remember . Was i the girl whom always think and look back at what have i did to those people surrounds me .

I am not being the old back of me then .. Me was self-contained to be the one who people always loves to stab on . Back then .. Was i being like one . But not anymore . Huge changes on me when i was in good ol' teenage times .

Though changes occur in my life since now and then ,
i still cling on the main axis in my life , which is ....

Islam ..


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