Jul 11, 2009

Daicon 2o09

Today , had to wake up early . I woke up at 7.30 am and then i fell asleep . ye la . Last night had my bedtime at around 2am . xD .

Then i woke up at 8.15am coz i got a message from Asyraf saying that he's ready for the makeup thingy . I was like Ohmygosh i need to get hurry . He was soooo damn excited . HAHA .

Then went down to the Hb3 foodcourt at around 9am and saw few of my buddies were having their Usrah Ice Breaking . saw my crush . xD .

then i started to makeup Asyraf's face .

*fyi , asyraf is entering the cosplay competition and he need to bring his character from animes' . And he's bringing the character of L from Death Note . x)

And i did make his face as white as L and put a very thick eye liner on his eyes . xD
But yet , he didn't won the competition . Nvm . But i absolutely happy with his appearance . He looks exactly like L !! here's his picture .

exactly right ? a bit larh . Uhuhu . thenn , walk around the Grand Hall of Multimedia University . xD Saw Aqmal and his friends . walk with them . they're kinda mean . xD HAHAHA . then we sat at the grandstand and watching whose the 6 finalist that can go to the next level of the competition . then balik . thennnn . i started to do my DF . craving for ideasss . ohmygod . damn headache . got to sleep for a while . sleep at 6.30pm and woke up at 9pm . xDD . heee . then basuh baju . hujannn . anginnn kuat . tapi kejap je .

and now i bosan . bosan gile . si saiful gile bapok tu ta kol2 . ckp na kua . ckp mmg mcm tikus na beranak . hish ! dasarr . .

LOL . bye bye ~

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