Jul 29, 2009

it's shown up .

Whenever i did the quiz things (especially related to lifetime match or whatsoever) , he did appears on my list . i was like Homygosh . does he really knows that he's in my list ? okay . leave it .

Now , it's already near the mid sem break . it is just about a week then i'll continue my studies in mmu again .
hard to believe that i already be in mmu for almost 2 months . (swt.maybe) . i came here on 7th june and now it's already 30th july . x)

oh hmm . nowadays , i mean , for this week , it has been a very very busy week for me as i need to submit all my assignments in this week . monday , tuesday and friday . gosh .
and i had my DF presentation in front of the lecturers . and they were good actually . but somehow they act like they were exactly like a lions . good actors babeyh . :) and , ya , my drawing is on the average level . i know that . i realised that . coz im not that good in drawing . ): . anddddd , IM TRYING TO IMPROVE okay ! :D

oh ya . my life's getting better i guess . but still , not knowing most all of the seniors make me feel so bad .
i really need to make an effort to get to know all the seniors . (: oh heyy seniors , here i come ! ~~

maybe u guys were thinking that i only post up my post once in a bluemoon huh ? heh . saje . malaasss na update .
now , still re-updating my another blog , it's my club's blog actually . so I , as the IT bureu , need to creat a blog for our club and need to creat a yahoo!groups for each member (be ensure that they have become the member) .

lol . O.o' .
ngee . i miss him a lot :( someone , somehow , somewhere else , LOL .

i guess i should end here . since , haha . walao . tade idea ni sey . xD

daa ~~~
muahmuah . :)

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