Jul 9, 2009

everything's changed .

Well , just now , I had to accompany Ummi to go down to the Hb3 foodcourt because she needs to fill her empty stomach . (: . All the way down then go to the delidelphia (the stall that i always buy my foods there) . Ummi ordered chicken lemon (but actually it is cabonara) while I didn't get anything as i dun have an appetite to fill my stomach . =.=' . LMAO .

Ordered and we went to those Zakiyy's group . There were Athirah , Teddy , Ika , Umar , Zakiyy , Rahimi(mimi) , and Husna . I was like oh so not gonna use with them so I just sat at the chair nearby . I am sick (get to know this first) . And there came Zakiyy towards me and Ummi . and he was like "who is this" and all sort of it . And i was like helllooo . im the one who u chat with about the lim COCK wing University and u dont even noticed me . How dareee u zakiyyah . -.-' .

And we began to like some sort of rapat2 and then he was like asking me who's ur ******* ? then i answered him . then he was like ohmygosh . i can't tell u about this thing . i was like wth . but then at last he told me thou .
HAHA . and about the thing that he said to me , i was like , is she like that kinda way ? she's good to me lol . eventhough sometimes we were like dont talk to each other but seems we can get coop easily i guess . I GUESS .

Uhm . HAHA . =.=' . silly lah . after that , when i reached my hostel (room) , i just smiling and smiling and smiling . :)

FUNNY lah u people . its okay . i respect ur thoughts . (:

*Dont understand ? Only people who know about this story would probably understand (:

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