Jul 7, 2009

i know . it's hard .

Hmm . da lame ta mengupdatekn blog ni and ade a few aku delete atas sebab2 yg amat lah munasabah sekali . :)
I went through the orientation in MMU cyberjaya and currently i already attends for the classes of the faculty that i takes , which is faculty of creative multimedia . well , it sounds like sooo cool and relaxing . yea i know that but it is stressfull . gila stress when we need to gain all our creativity and apply it on a piece of paper , or even 2 piece , or 3 , or moreeee .

Well . now currently im in the hostel - hb3 , 3rd floor , room number tapayah tao la . gedik ea . oh yea , im in the same room with my mates , Amy n MAYA . xDD wink wink .
They're way to coollll bebeh . (:
Being neighbour with hana , farah , intan , mira are also way to cool and i hearts them lots . though there are some thingsss that went through our days . =.='

Oh yaaa , currently like every week i went back home . ngee . sleeping in the 24hours air-cond room is comforting me sooo much . x)) thx papa !
andddd , my eldest sister just came back from Shanghai , China where she bought a lotssss of stuffs from china , which i can conclude it's way far cheaper compare to the stuffs in malaysia . like over there is 15 yuan , over here we could get it for rm5-rm6 .

Stop . Uhh . My life are now getting compatible to the surroundings in MMU where all my friends were getting more and more and i love it .

Thanks to Amy , Maya , Hana , Ummi , Sis An , and some of the other gurls for being a great friend of mine .
Not forgetting the guys - Arif , Yasin , Aiman , Hanafi , and some sort of the other guys that i did not mention their name , thanks a lot (:


Seems like i type so much so i decided to off my ink here . xP

brambusss dulu . tatatititutu . xD

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