Aug 12, 2009

headache . :(

uhh , i dont feeling very well today . woke up at 10.30 am this morning , then had my bath and then rushing to the admin building with ayu . at first , wanted to go with hana . but then she need to accompany farah to photostate thingy so we went there two person only . then wow , i did not know that there were so many people were queing for the ptptn's form checking . but then , actually they were not queing accordingly , but they cut the lines instead of waiting for an hour so . then , i had mine checked by the mmu's staff . she said my form is completed but then i need to re-print one more peace of paper , to hand on to the ptptn's staff .
There goes another task again . ayu and i rush to the central foodcourt and went to PAPERCUT . had my print thingy over there so does ayu .
Then , went to student one stop centre to help ayu do her verification letter . there's another crowded people in a small space . =.=' .

Then , went back to our hostel . it's almost 3 . and i had my english class at 3 pm . we need to do an essay again . title ? HOW TO HELD A GREAT PARTY , blablabla . some kinda like that . i did not finish it so i pass it up on the next class .

Then , went for MLA class . sat behindddddddd at the back near the wall . ALL ALONE at first coz i wanted to edit something on my lappy . but then the new lecturer for this SEM , ask those who on the lappy to switch it off . so i shut it down .
Then Amzarrul came . at first he sat beside Sena . but then he sat beside me . ok well at least i have someone to accompany my side . :) . but actually before that hafidz already sat on my left . then am came and sit on my right . HAHA bodyguard meh . x))

thennnnn , enjoy the class . not that enjoy , sleepy lol . the lecturer talk much . =.=' . sweat .

thennn class finished . went to hb3 with ummi n qis then zakiyy n the gang join us . but seems like they were so emo-ing and stuffs . LMAO leh . betol2 hungry that time , i bantai makan nasi pataya . wohohoho . xD

thennnn , sit in front of the lappy while studying my maths . tmorrow got quiz lerh . -.-'

okay . lah . bye .

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