Nov 8, 2009

21.12.12 ?

Okay . well . hello . Let us talk about the number that i had just put up as my post title .

21.12.12 . Yes , it is a very nice number , yet it has a lot of issues that related to the numbers .

Some people says , i mean for their beliefs , they say that that's the day where the earth has come to its end .
And , most probably , they are too obsessed with the numbers stated . I just can't understand why are they so obsessed with the number ? As if the world has come to end ? Who says ?

Yes , one of my friend said that there is once a smith that can predict the future , saying that the earth will come to it ends on these two date -
a) 11 . 09 . 01 (where the USA's world trade center has been bomb by terrorist-al-Qaeda)
b) 21. 12 . 12 (we would not know what is going to happen till that day reveal itself)

And this is what i got from Kay - "for us orang Islam, agak menakutkan cos time tu Tuhan x tutup lg pintu langit dan jin ifrit mampu terbang hingga ke lapisan langit ke-3 dan mendapat tahu antara benda2 yg bakal of cos la 12.12.12 tu bkn kiamat, cos kiamat jatuh pada hari Jumaat."

Nauzubillah . But actually , i dont really get what he said . oh yes , i agreed with the sentences that he said , 'the end of the world will not fall on other days except on friday . people knows that .

Hmm . so ? conclusion ?

Well . i just can give some opinion . heyy , dont get too obsessed with the number itself . coz if u urself know what's the best thing for urself , u wont be scared to face the day right ?

Just na bagi peringatan sesama kita , beramal lah selagi kita hidup , solat lah sbb solat itu tiang agama , jgn buat ibadah hanya kerana ingin menunjuk2 n bajet kite bole masuk syurga , tapi buat lah ibadah hanya kerana Allah S.W.T kerana Dia yang mencipta kita , kita hambaNya , kita kena la ikut suruhan Dia . okay anak2 ?

salam ~

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