Nov 8, 2009

guitarrr :D

Suddenly , i am so obsessed with guitar . :P . These was when my days were so boring so i decided to try some games that provided in facebook . As i went through , then i saw a game called "Rock Riot" . so i decided to try on the game and nahhh , the result , i am so addicted to it ! clap clap for rock riot for making my obsession towards guitar became more and more :D

And oh ya , yesterday i couldn't sleep till 8.30 in the morning . around that time , at 7 in the morning , i had my bath then yes , i became so hardworking as i clean up all the mess in my house . from the backyard till the frontyard . inside and outside . but at least , that would give a better impression for my parents as they come back from penang later :) *anak dara dia pandai mengemas kan ? :D

And , about yesterday , faiz did not call me or message me telling that i cannot follow him to visit his late cousin .
why on earth that he couldn't tell me ? at least i know that i can't go and i won't be waiting for his call , msgs , etc .
But he just gave me a message telling that he's on his way to kl , and the other one , "im going back to seremban now . and it is jammed" . and i just reply him "okay" . hahahh , no mood la talking to him nowadays .

So now , im still sitting on my bed with my blanket covers my legs (im cold) and the laptop's on it .
Im not going back to mmu ? no . i'll be going to mmu tomorrow just to attend the class and then i'll head back to my house in puchong . but i'll be back to the mmu hostel on tuesday morning , before that Damn Fucking class . :P
(fcm students , u know what i mean) :D

Okay i guess i'll just stop updating for now , im going to continue back playing muh beloved guitarrrr :)
rarrwww . tata ~

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