Nov 9, 2009

rain rain go away .

The last post was published on october 8th right ? Forget it .


It came . down . slowly . slow slow and slow . became more and more with a heavy drops of water . and there it is , i was driving my car in a heavy rain in cyberjaya . : . at first , i was so scared to drive my car but then i decided to move on with full of confidence . thought of stop by my car at the side of the road just to wait for the rain to stop but then i decided i dont need to do such things . it's just waste my time . so i drove my car , with a meter around 80 - 90 km/h , and at last , i reached my home in puchong . weeeee yeayy for me !

Just now , my car stopped at the traffic light beside nia's car with mimi , zakiyy and ayai inside the car . hahaha dorang perasan gak aku eh eh . HAHAHAHA . but yes i know where are they heading to . HAHAHA . we'll going to have fun on this thursday . :D and i think i need to tell something to someone . : but i scared .
smlm na bitao pun takut gileeeee and bile ta jadi na bitao , dye mara aku lak . waaaa . :'(

oh . i have a story . and i need u guys opinions . :)
thanks btw . (cerita ni tade kena mngena dgn aku . harap maklum)

here it is . ada sorg budak ppuan ni . dye dah fall in love kt one guy at the first sight . this guy at first tatau yg ppuan tu suke kt dye . but then at last dye tau gak . tp dye uat bodo je . maybe sbb dye na tunggu ppuan tu make the first move kot . and the thing is , ppuan tu takut na bitao feelings dye kt laki tu . takut kene reject . sbb laki tu pun ta mnunjukkn tanda2 yg laki tu suka gak kt ppuan tu . so , patut ke ppuan tu make the first move ? or just tunggu smpai laki tu sendiri yg tnye kt ppuan tu ? T___________________T . i need an opinion . please please .

okay thanks that's all .

2 stalkers talk :-O:

ummi (: said...

ohh for me, hello guyss, tolongg laa muleee. haha, awak tu lelaki. jadi la lelaki skett, haha. tp if dat gurl nak start xsalah. tp if me, my own self, i afraid of frustration. xnak laah, nnt kalau die reject setaun aku merana. haha :D

Nanalicious said...

oh really ?
hehehehehehhhh .
klo ppuan tu rasa na jugak confess cenna ? T______T