Feb 23, 2010

light ! :)

It's been awhile i did not post up anything on my blog . Really ? hee . ;)
I was busy with assignment . yes , design fundamental which stress us a lot i guess . NOT really at the first stage , but it will , one day .
And , hee . well , actually . nowadays , mood's getting up and down . UP when something happy came up and vice versa.
And , while i was busy with my assignment last night , Dice called me . and , i stop my portfolio for a while and on the phone with him . Not much to say at first , but then when it came to he asked me about my assignment , and i told him it is a light project based on waste materials , he came out with an idea . ;D
WHAT a brilliant . and , yet , his idea is great . he got a lot of idea , and he did say to me , why don't i do standing lamp that looks like a hanging lamp . hahahaa . i never think that before . NEVER . ok well he's good because he is a graphic designer . a photographer . hahahaaaa . and he said , he's willingly to help me in the project . thank you my dear friend . :)

So , i'll gonna start my project with buy those materials , those needed materials , haaa before that i need to consult to my lecturers about dice's idea . hopefully it can be approve :)
And he did say , he's getting excited to start the project with me . (:

Hmm . basically , i went to this meeting just now . Had a short brief about the program . it is actually about EDU program where i can earn weekly payment about rm200-rm500 . butttttt sebenarnya i dont even understand what do we need to do actually . tomorrow ada 2nd session about this program , tgk la na pegi ke tanak . :D

well btw , this is dice . :)

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