Feb 18, 2010

a night to remember again !

Apa kau rasa bila someone call u and play guitar in the phone , JUST for u ?

Apa kau rasa bila that someone play ONLY love songs to u ?
Apa kau rasa bila actually that someone has spent his credit JUST for u ?
Apa kau rasa bila that someone has made up ur day ?

Hahahahaha . I am so happy okay . Tipu la sape ckp ta happy en bile someone2 tu done all of the above things just for u . :)

Nah not that special actually . Mlm td , while online , dice chats with me . so , on that time he was playing his guitar .
so i said , i wanna hear . and he said , WAIT . hahaha aku tunggu punya tunggu then suddenly my phone rang .
And i picked it up , and suddenly heard a music . :P Love song some more . :D

Apa la dice . haha . but actually i enjoyed it much . (:
And , he is actually weird .
He did something that we are not expecting it to be . And , while on the phone , after he spend for almost 30 minutes just to play some songs for me , he went to somewhere else , buat apa aku pun tatau but still on the phone with me la kan , then , i heard that he said "eh there's speed trap over here . i need to slow down" .
HAHAHAHA IMAGINE THAT ?! He was driving ! gila tak gila la budak ni .
Dlm perjalanan dia pulak , he keep mumbling and mumbling , talking and talking , makes me laugh , makes me happy , ntah . klo aku lepak dengan dia , confirm 24jam dok gelak je . >.< (he admit that too though) :P

Then , we say bye to each other sebab die da smpai kt D'sara , pegi mkn . -____-
kuat mkn , tapi ta gemok2 . JELES weh !

OK aaaaaaa . tgh tunggu someone ni .


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